Honoured Personalities

Lubica Nečasová




Jan from The River Road Hamstery is an excellent Syrian Hamster breeder with amazing knowledge of genetics of Syrian Hamster and genetics generally. She lives in the USA and all else I know about her I will let only in my mind with due regard for her personality and privacy.

I dare to say that Syrian Hamster genetics is so perfect worked and interpreted only because of Jan. When I looked into rat genetics or other animals I was scared by it and I realized how much would we, Syrian Hamster breeders, would be grateful for Jan dedicated just to Syrian Hamsters and she decided to give it all she knew on her sites.

I want to thank her by this page also for all her correspondence with me and for all what I learnt from her. For contact on forum Hamsters in Focus when I met many interesting people and mainly Janice from Holmden Hill Haven with who we did export of hamsters to the USA and perhaps will do also import of hamsters to the CR. Also I want to thank her for give permission to me to translate all her site into Czech and use her great photos of hamsters.

You can meet Jan also beyond her sites on IHANA (manager, moderator) and HIF (owner, moderator). Sorely in the last time she doesn't breed anymore and is not active.

Jan, I thank you!

Jan Riky - hamster male named on honour of Jan Jan - hamster female named on honour of Jan