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Lubica Nečasová



Lubica Nečasová

Vet doctress NečasováVet MVDr. Lubica Nečasová is an excellent vet doctress. She ordains at Veterinární klinika Na Hrádku 8 in Prague 2. Hamsters from b.s. Riky want to thank her again and again for all her professional care, treatment and medical helps.

We first came running in August 2005 with Tyzzer's Disease which was fortunately quite good cured, later with Wet-tail, mould, tumours, abscesses and other inflammations and problems. Vet doctress Nečasová always helped us and I never heard from her what other vets told me before. No trials and errors (one vet healed only from outside however caesitis is not possible to heal this way), no unresonable explanation (1 month old hamster can't eat self however he was thin because of Tyzzer's Disease and to serve vitamins didn't somehow help him) or giving some medicines only to don't say that vet knows nothing what to do with hamster (without any analysis of dropping). If I'll tell you here all I heard from different vets (even from specialists on small rodents!), you would never visit any vets at all and you would think that these vets never studied any vet schools. Yes, I sometimes think that they really couldn't... So if you have some hamster's health problems, I could only give advice to you to visit our great vet Nečasová.

Vet doctress Nečasová ordains


Adélka Riky - thankful patientAdélka Riky wants to thank again this way for saving her life by timely operation of caesitis of the day 12.4.2006 when she was only 8 months old and if no vet Nečasová, she would surely end her already so short hamster life tragically in 8 months. Adélka is 1 year and 6 months old now (3.2007) and she has a good time every day with gratitude of doctress. In addition by timely and good diagnosis in August 2005 Adélka could live at all some life... and could have caesitis but this is a story of litter A1 Riky.

Litters A1, B1 a C1 Riky want to thank this way for timely treatment of Tyzzer's Disease, Snížek and other hamsters for timely treatment of Wet-tail, Skero Kasenelis and others for cure of mould, Riki for help with ureteritis, Kašička for treatment of bited mouth, Ciba Riky for tratment of abscess, Laka for help with ureteritis and Šedka for operation of tumours in throat. I want also thank for great help with illness HaPV (Hamster Polyoma Virus), mainly for very useful advices about behaving of viruses, how to behave and how and with what do the best disinfection. Also for trying treatment (Interferon), which didn't help and didn't heal HaPV, but we had at least trust in better tomorrow and we really needed this. Next thanks are from Campbells for healing diabetes with insulin.

Snížek Skero Kasenelis Ciba Riky in medical office

Yes, sometimes it is impossible to do something for hamster so in this way we have those last help... By this Britta Riky thanks (many tumours in enterocoele), also Spot (a very great tumour in his belly) and Sněženka (tumour on guts).

Britta Riky Sněženka


12 hamsters exported to the USA thank for check-up before distant way across the ocean :-)

Hamsters for export to the USA Hamsters for export to the USA

And me, I thank for all hamsters and for everything what our doctress does for us and will do. And mainly for that I need not to run around next other vets to hear unbelievable diagnoses and stories...


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