Baby Hamsters

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Litter U3 Riky


Vulkán ze Zvířetníku (1.0)

Lykke (0.1)

Blue, White Bellow, Shorthaired

Black, Dominant Spot, Banded, Shorthaired

aabsbsdd (l carrier)

aaBabaDsds (bs,l carrier)


Colours of babies: Black, Dominant Spot, White Bellow, Banded, Shorthaired, Longhaired

Line: Czech

Litter U3 Riky is after long not wanted pause my next litter. I am very happy about it mostly because of we got rid off quite not pleasant illness in our hamstery. Babies are average in type and size, so I would recommend them as pets, but some of them are quite ok for breeding as well.

Litter U3 Riky

Litter U3 Riky

- 1 day

- 42 days

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Males (3)

Under Riky (1.0)

Black, Shorthaired

aa (bs,d carrier)

- 42 days

P9140033.jpg (67402 bytes)

Unio Riky (1.0)

Black, White Bellow, Shorthaired

aabsbs (d carrier)

- 42 days

P9140035.jpg (65683 bytes)

exported to England

Ušíček Riky (1.0)

Black, Shorthaired

aa (bs,d carrier)

- 42 days

P9140038.jpg (42680 bytes)

Females (5)

Unique Riky (0.1)

Black, Dominant Spot, Banded, White Bellow, Longhaired

aaBababsbsDsdsll (d carrier)

- 42 days

P9140007.jpg (45332 bytes)

staying home in BS Riky

Unta Riky (0.1)

Black, Dominant Spot, Banded, White Bellow, Shorthaired

aaBababsbsDsds (d carrier)

- 42 days

P9140023.jpg (33458 bytes)

exported to England

Upee Riky (0.1)

Black, Banded, Longhaired

aaBaball (bs,d carrier)

- 42 days

P9140015.jpg (55445 bytes)

exported to England

Upi Riky (0.1)

Black, Banded, Shorthaired

aaBaba (bs,d carrier)

- 42 days

P9140004.jpg (53810 bytes)

exported to England

Užinka Riky (0.1)

Black, White Bellow, Longhaired

aabsbsll (d carrier)

- 42 days

P9140002.jpg (67322 bytes)

exported to Sweden