Czech links:

Český křeččí klub (Czech Hamster Club), informations about exhibitions, contacts on breeders, multilanguage site breeding station Navel, nice photogallery breeding station Od Lízy breeding station Pity forum of Czech Hamster Club Veterinary clinic Na hrádku, Prague 2, clinic of vet MVDr. Lubica Nečasová, expert into parrots and small exotic animals - true specialist onto the syrian hamsters Veterinary hospital Libuš, Prague NONSTOP - if you need quick help International animal transport, multilanguage site Petstore, internet shop, multilanguage site Petstore, internet shop Petstore, internet shop Petstore, internet shop Dust-free shavings in a big package for cheap price :-) with transport to some places in Czech Republic DARWIN's super feeding, not only for hamsters, multilanguage site


Foreign Links: Engl. California Hamster Association (CHA), USA Dan. Dansk Hamster Forening (DHF), hamster club in Denmark, DK Swed. Svenska Hamster Föreningen, hamster club in Sweden, SWE Fin. Suomen Hamsteriyhdistys ry, hamster club in Finland, FIN Port. Clube Portugués Do Hamster, hamster club in Portugal, P Rus. Hamster club in Russia, RU Engl. Pet Web Site - the best site about keeping and care, forum, UK Engl. breeding station of Jan - The River Road Hamstery - the best site about genetics, USA Engl. breeding station of Linda Price - AAA Hamsters - many photos, USA Engl. breeding station of Janice Bourell - Holmden Hill Haven - does ship, USA Engl. breeding station Hammys World, interesting informations about keeping and care, videoshows - for example the hamster with illness wet-tail or Eyeless White hamster, photos, games, UK Dan. breeding station KWO of Kenneth Worm, DK Dan. breeding station Odgaard of Pia Odgaard, DK Dan. breeding station Hamsterbo of Stine, DK Swed. breeding station of Lotte, SWE Swed. breeding station Kolarängens hamstrar of Caroline Erlandsson, SWE Engl. breeding station Chipmon Hamstery, Singapore, SGP Engl. Internet Hamster Association of North America - manager is Jan (The River Road Hamstery), USA Engl. very wide forum, chat, photos, USA Engl. the best forum about genetics moderated by Jan (The River Road Hamstery) and Linda Price, many photos, USA Slov. forum, SK Dan. forum, DK Engl. forum, international Engl. photos, UK Engl. site of University of Missouri RADIL about illnesses of hamsters, photos of ill animals, photos from microscopes, USA Engl. Wodent Wheels - super wheels for hamsters, USA


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